Fertility Institute of North Alabama

We designed and developed a stunning and informative website for Dr. Brett Davenport's new medical practice.

Dr. Brett Davenport asked Rudder Creative to build a website in time for the opening of his new medical practice. Dr. Davenport and the FINA team needed a website live before beginning a scheduled marketing campaign... in two weeks! We worked with FINA's marketing team to build a website that supported their exisitng brand. What we delivered was an informative and emotionally impactful website that conveys the precision and compassion of Dr. Davenport's practice. FINA saw an immediate impact as patients were scheduling appointments on the first day.


Fertility Institute of North Alabama



How We Helped

Website Design, Lead Optimization, Custom Forms

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Custom Forms

We build elegant websites that convert. FINA needed more than an attractive digital destination, they needed custom appointment forms where clients could get in touch immediately.


We needed to capture the balance of feminity and strength of FINA's established brand. We used typography featuring delicate lines and subtle curves to extend the emotional impact of the FINA mission.

Time On Site

Explaining medical concepts can be a challanging task. We worked to organize dense, informative content in an engaging and digestible way, improving "dwell time" - a key metric for lead conversion.


Smart investors expect a return. Our websites feature poweful analytics tools that enable our clients to track every click. FINA can use these tools to better understand thier patients interests and needs.

Making A Difference

FINA’s mission is to meet each patient with compassion at the unique place where they are in their fertility journey. Our goal was to bring that vision to life in a digital space. We developed a website that allows Dr. Davenport to provide patients with the information they need, while also expressing the care and precision of the FINA practice. Now the FINA team is connecting with patients inside and outside the office. Appointmet requests began arriving the day the site was launched.